"The Mt. Union story is a part of our history that every young Black American must see. Today too much of our younger generation has lost sight of the importance of personal responsibility, the key ingredient to one’s success."

This film chronicles the life and times of the people of Mt. Union, a farming community in rural southeast Texas. Mt. Union was founded in the mid-1800s by a group of families who were bound by common blood and mutual poverty. The residents were predominantly African-American, many of them former slaves striving for greater freedom of opportunity.

The story is told through the eyes of an extended family, the Wrights and the Bookers. It is the story of strong-willed parents who taught their children the meaning of entrepreneurship, and molded a group of future leaders

It is a story of family and faith, hard work and heroes, and – ultimately – progress. It is the story of Mt. Union, Texas… a story of America’s past, and an insight into its future.

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This is a story of millions of African American families in the South and how they persevered. Eventually the story leaves East Texas and onto the global stage, becoming part of the great events of the 1950’s and 1960’s -- civil rights and war. more...
MC3 has made a 43 minute film called the Long Black Line which establishes its film and story telling methods.  Our initial film actually contains parts of two films (The Long Black Line & The Bridge) that will become part of a trilogy. Click here to review some clips from the promotional film.
Over four million dollars went into more than 5,000 small, wooden schoolhouses throughout the south – schools where a generation of African-Americans, limited by Jim Crow laws and social holdovers from slavery times, received an education. more...
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