The Long Black Line: An American Story is about strong mothers raising strong boys. It is an almost forgotten story of how poor, uneducated African American parents, just one generation away from slavery, seized a moment in history and transformed their children’s lives.

It is the history of struggle and:

…a Chicago philanthropist and Booker T. Washington, who built over 5,000 schools for African-American children with the help and energy of hundreds of young mothers, like Arvetta Wright;

…Booker T. Henry, a Mt. Union school principal, whose basic “life lessons,” taught values in the classroom; and

…Lt. Col. Hyman Y. Chase, who drove young college students to their limits to prepare them for war and beyond.

It is about family, struggle, a parent’s sacrifice, and ultimately, it is about the power of a mother’s love for her children.

LBL seeks to record early black history
By Sharon Kerr - Jasper Newsboy
State of Texas Honors Herman Wright, Sr.

State of Texas Resolution
Herman, simply the best
By Willis Webb - Jasper Newsboy - Editior-Publisher
Reprinted from Landscapes magazine, Winter 2006, with permission of the Farm Credit Bank of Texas.

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